Site Build It!
It's Not About Web Hosting. Not anymore.
It's About Success.

Are you a business owner or a professional looking for an internet presence? 

Do you have a product to sell or information to convey?

Are you marketing Affiliate Products?

Then Site Build It is for you. 

Site Build It (SBI) is the all-in-one site-building, site-hosting, and site-marketing system of software tools that delivers success. Actually, it OVER-delivers.

Site Build It is for product sites, info products, professional and services sites, content sites, and for affiliate sites that  promote other people's products and services via affiliate links.

Site Build It takes you step-by-step through the entire process of coming up with a winning business idea, building the web site and promoting it.

Site Build It Delivers Success!

If one company delivered success at a quantum-leap higher rate than any other, wouldn't you build your business there?  And success, of course, is the bottom line. Well, it is, and it isn't.

Site Build It is the only company in the world that proves success. Other companies would... if they could. But 99+% of their small business sites fail. They even have a term for the abysmal failure rate of small businesses online...   "The Churn Rate."

Site Build It uses a different term to track small business sites. They call it "The Top 6% Rate."  51% of SBI sites end up in the Top 6%.

Site Build It Features:

  • Register your website name

  • Host your website

  • Web page templates or use your own design

  • Logo creator

  • Analyze your web pages for search engine optimization

  • Submit your pages to search engines and automatically resubmit on schedule

  • Form builder, database storage, and more

  • Brainstorming and research tools for new business ideas

  • Point and click user interface

  • Works perfectly with Final Cut plugins

  • Site traffic stats and click analysis.

  • Newsletter subscription and delivery.

  • Money-back guarantee.

SBI is a better and much cheaper alternative than hiring someone to do this work for you. The chances are that you cannot find a good web content writer and designer who works almost exclusively for you. Even if you do � their services will break your bank.

Why Do SBI! Sites Succeed?

It's the process, combined with the complete set of integrated tools needed for its execution...

The SBI! Process,
Content arrow Traffic arrow PREsell arrow Monetize,
Is Based Upon The Fundamental Reality
Of The Way People Use The Web.



Offline...      Online...
...bustling crowds pass by your place of business. Some of the passerby traffic notices you and walks in.
...people search for information. Millions of people, but no crowds. Each searches alone.
"Location, Location, Location" "Information, information, information"


Click here for more information on SBI! and C arrow T arrow P arrow M.

A fast step-by-step demo of how SBI! works.

Unmatched Proof of Success

Ever spend some time at the Web sites of the largest Web hosts in the world? 1and1, Interland, Hostway, Verio, RackSpace, eNom... they all start looking alike. Very "big corporate" look. Tons of stuff about their servers, and their company.

And it gets better...

Cheap? Countless companies offer "$3.95/month hosting."

Quick? Even the "Biggest Brand Companies" promise your site can be up and "ready to do business in less than an hour."

(These are not serious approaches to real business. And they avoid discussing the cost of failure. What is the real time-and-money cost of struggling for 18 months?)

You can compare features for weeks. You can take virtual tours of their mile-long server rooms. But...

You won't find much information about the customer. If they do have a "Success Stories" section, it won't begin to compare with SiteSell's. And if you do a bit of digging, you'll find that many of them get very little traffic.

Bottom line?If you visit the sales sites of these large Web hosting companies, look for this...

Documented Proof of Success.

The word-of-mouth is spreading fast about SBI!. SiteSell proves this most meaningful comparison with other major Web hosts -- click here for an excerpt from their Web site.

It's no wonder that word is spreading. This is the way small business will do business on the Net. In five years, every e-com/hosting/marketing provider will be copying this format that delivers business success, free of the need to master technology, Search Engine Optimization, and so forth.

Of course, SiteSell.com, the originators of this ground-breaking technology that renders current Web hosting methodology "old-fashioned," will be even further ahead... they are constantly pushing the boundaries and capabilities of SBI!.

In an attempt to pull all this together on a single page for you, we've created this ultimate directory of key URLs...

  • the ones you need to be able to decide if SBI! is right for your small business, and...

  • while we were at it, we also discovered some terrific free resources for you.

So, whether or not SBI! turns out to be right for you, you'll be ahead. These free resources are truly unique and powerful. Actually, they are great examples of the value that SBI! itself offers.

Speaking of whether SBI! is right for you...

SBI! does put "do-it-yourself" success into the hands of the regular small business person. And for those who simply do not have the time, more and more Webmasters are converting to SBI! as their product of choice -- no need to ever hear the dreaded "so where's the traffic" question again.

What if you are a small business person who does not have the time to "build it yourself"? See the "Certified Webmaster" resource below. Hire one to build an SBI! site for you.

SBI! really is most things to most small businesses. But it may not be right for you. So let's take a look at what kind of small businesses get the most out of SBI!.

Click here to see if SBI! fits your needs.

If SBI! seems like it might be right for you...

Slow down.

Take your time
as you work your way through The Complete Site Build It! Reference Center. If you do, you'll emerge 100% certain, one way or another. It's worth the time -- after all...

We're talking about the future of your business.

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